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PhD in Restorative Justice

Almeda University offers a degree in Restorative Justice with respect to violence, offenders, victims, and society. Unfortunately, human error and tragedy is a part of our existence. Restorative Justice seeks to provide alternatives to destructive actions through faith-based methods with the goals of healing, accepting accountability, and performing acts of reparation.

Those pursuing this program are more focused in their ministry than Biblical Counselors, often dedicating their spiritual knowledge to helping victims cope with devastating circumstances. However they are just as likely to minister to the offender - working to instill more appropriate decision-making and conflict resolution skills to reduce future tragedies. Judgment is not applied in this discipline. Instead, a spiritual context is used to minister to offenders in ways that teach love of self and others. Hence, Restorative Justice does not seek vengeance, but rather seeks balance within individuals and among members of society. It is widely applied as a tool of rehabilitation in correctional institutions, social work, and chaplainry.

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