Since our inception in 1997, Almeda has performed as a pioneering University with an innovative online campus that reaches a global learning community. Almeda’s revolutionary educational approach is in its customized student driven curriculum design. The student’s own educational blueprint is guided by our nonresident staff of esteemed consultant professors. Almeda’s consultant professors are doctorial alumnus from the most prestigious accredited universities both nationally and internationally. These professionals have been entrusted by Almeda University to review and validate the student’s thesis coursework to award experiential degrees.

Almeda University is a perfect choice for the accomplished career educated professional who wishes to pursue an online validating college degree program that honors 100 percent of the student’s experiential knowledge in their degree field. Our popular customized model programs have enabled us to offer a wide range of equitable Bachelor, Master and even doctorate degrees from diverse fields of a student’s life accomplishments in business, the arts, sciences, and technology. The uniqueness of Almeda University’s champion image in life experience education is fortified by the spirit of its powerful alumni. Our Alumni themselves are the leaders in technological excellence, educational innovation and personal enrichment.

Almeda realizes the economic benefits of common sense advanced alternative education and believes coursework should be matched to real life credentials rather than satisfying outmoded academic policy. Almeda’s degree methodology of Prior Learning Assessment principles gives credit to all previous educational teachers, authors, instructors, ministers, trainers and institutions that enabled the student to achieve advanced academic knowledge and aptitude. Therefore, Almeda gives recognition to all knowledge professions and venues in their experiential degree confirmation process. This acceptance of a student’s previous educational endeavors enables Almeda to offer a dynamic degree program for a third of the cost of traditional, regionally accredited institutions. However, the individual’s educational portfolio must hold merit to the degree being attained or it will not be honored. Almeda University does have stringent standards on their experiential degree awards.

Almeda University is not a vendor of online college credit courses; we offer thesis – one-on-one student/professor Prior Learning Assessment course review services online. While we provide guidance for many disciplines, Almeda does not offer any medical or law related programs or certificates. Our online method allows us to serve students all over the world with immediate and convenient direction.

With a student’s previous knowledge of all coursework before enrollment, the completion of an experiential degree is satisfied within an accelerated time period that skips traditional semesters. The period from student to alumni is a short process. However, countless have found being an alumnus a momentous and rewarding experience. Almeda offers a dedicated website, newsletters and professional development courses and services to its alumni to preserve this relationship.

Many of our students hold both a traditional undergraduate degrees with an advanced experiential degree from Almeda. They find that this combination allows them to realize their full-size dream and helps propel them toward their life’s ambitions.

A college degree can open doors of opportunity for those who possess them. Almeda University’s continued commitment to an innovative education design allows students of all circumstances to earn these coveted credentials. Almeda along with its alumni continues to grow and succeed. We measure our success by the immense gains of self-motivated students like you.