Some of the Pros of teamwork include having more than one opinion on what you would be doing, time management is easier because the work can be spread out making less work for each individual, and you can always ask someone to help you if you get stuck on something or need assistance. On the flip side some of the cons include not having the whole team trying for the same grade, people can Just sit in the background and let everyone else do the work for them, and it may be more difficult to work together outside of the office or classroom depending on everyone’s individual schedules

Working in a group can be very rewarding and has always been one of my favorite activities to do in class. It allows you to make new friends and work together and create a final product that may be much better than what you could have created on your own. When the group works well together everything seems to Just fall together and get completed on time and to its maximum potential. Having people to consult for a second opinion or having an answer to your question that you Just can’t seem to figure out is always appreciated.

The best part of it all is that when you’re assigned a seemingly impossible project the group divides up the work it becomes much less of an enormous task. Teamwork is vital in many aspects of life and it is quite frankly one of the most rewarding things when the group works together efficiently and gets everything done. The cons of teamwork can be a very big turn off to some people for some pretty significant reasons. When working as a team it is quite easy for some members to fall to the back and slide along without doing much work.

On the same note you can have mom members who are trying for an A+ while other members might be happy with just a B. If everyone isn’t on the same page as far as what kind of quality they are striving for it is quite easy for some group members to get frustrated. Working as a team is great and can help accomplish harder goals more efficiently and effectively. It may become hard for the group to meet and work together outside of school or the office. Not everyone works on the same schedule and communication between group members can become increasingly more challenging when not face to face.

Now all this being said teamwork is an incredibly valuable skill that can benefit everyone in a working environment as well as a learning environment. Even though it may be easy to become lazy and let everyone else do the work or not having everyone on the same page and not get all the work done it is still a learning experience. Being an effective team member means that you have been in these situations and learned from them and you know the consequences of a team that lacks the qualities that make them an efficient team.

Teamwork is, “The combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient”. Without the team working together to accomplish the one common goal, effectively and efficiently, the team will fail and fall apart. Teamwork is a beautiful thing and the risk is well worth the reward when you see the finished product.

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